L.A.W.L.S. Volume 1 : Choking On Air [Softcover]

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"Come along on an adventureously awkward journey with the story's main characters Joseph, Autumn, Cadence, and her pet monster Rudy, as they find themselves in the midst of a world of intrigue. While every character may have their own motivation of joining the party, one thing's for sure, they all seem to have it in for Joseph.

This comic is a mysterious romantic comedy with themes of pop culture, music, classic video games, and even a hint of magic lore. In this universe, animals can talk, whales can fly, and hats can have a deviously snarky attitude towards humans."

- 144 pages
- First 197 Comic Strips
- 4 Hatticus Comic Strips
- Exclusive Artist Commentaries
- Exclusive Sketches
- Character Turnarounds
- A funny Foreword by Scott Ferguson of Nerf This
- 8x8 inches
- Perfect Bound
- Full Color