FAQ - Frequently Ask Questions

Where is Corvink based?

Paso Robles, CA.

What does LTD mean?

LTD stands for Limited Edition. A number of our items are made in limited runs. Meaning only a certain number of them will ever be made. When they're sold out, they're gone for good! Refer to the product listing for the exact number of items made for that particular product. The exact number made was decided and fixed at the time of production, the quantity may vary.

What do the [Roman numerals] in some product titles mean?

The idea behind Corvink's madness is that not everything made should last forever. Some items are made in limited runs (marked as LTD, meaning a set number of products were made), others run for a certain amount of time, get old and need a refresh. When an item is refreshed and the old version is no longer being sold, the item is marked by which run we're currently on. Shirts and other apparel see this often. When an item is first produced it will have a [I] next to it, after living for several years on the site (or the design or pattern changed), it may say [II], [III], [IV] or beyond! These aren't limited editions per se, but if you have a [I] that's pretty legit! We don't make those anymore. They might even be collectible now.

What is Corvink Black Label?

The "Black Label" in the product description means that it literally has a black label sewn on it. The label says "Corvink" on the front, and has a positive message embroidered on the back. This signifies that it is one of our premium line of products. They've stood the test of time, and sometimes other people have even attempted to steal the idea and sell it as their own concept. If you see the Corvink Black Label on your item, you know you have a legit Corvink produced high quality product! Don't buy from those cheap scam sites, get them from us direct! It's worth it, our quality and longevity of the fabrics and inks used are much better than theirs.

Some older print runs made by us might not have the black label sewn to them. This is because the Black Label quality line wasn't conceptualized yet. However, if you bought a shirt, apron, or tote from us in the past, those items still have the same quality! We just let people know now. 

What Does OOP mean?

There's a difference between being limited, having another version, and simply just being dead to us. OOP is the latter. Not really "dead to us" in the sense that we hate them or anything, but it was just time to move on and stop producing that item. Corvink has been around for over 10 years now and some of those items stayed along on that journey for most of that time. To free up creative energy, and actually storage space, sometimes the decision is made to kill off an item and no longer produce it. OOP items have a special place in our hearts and minds, but now are in the hands of people who bought them when they were available only. We don't have them in stock or sell them on our site or at conventions anymore.*

Thank you so much for purchasing one of these OOP items, you're one of the people who have built Corvink up over the years.

*some of our retail partners might though. Please check their stores and get them there before someone else does!

What are Corvink's terms of sale?

All merchandise for sale has been hand picked by the Corvink store owner and team. Items categorized on the site as "Corvink Original" and "Denis Caron" were created by the artist, Denis Caron, of which all intellectual rights belong to him. These items include (but not limited to) Shirt, Prints, Aprons, Plush Toys and Enamel Pins. You are not allow to use any intellectual property found on corvink.com with out written permission from the artist (or affiliated artist, when applicable), or use any items sold on Corvink.com to replicate or reproduce and resell them on your site or eBay. If you are interested in selling our products, please check our wholesale page for more information. All products are protected by United States Copyright Laws.

Photographs shown on the site may not be exactly what you receive. Small changes to better the products over time may happen and the product images may not be up to date, but we try our best to insure that they are. Occasionally we may have to make slight changes to the designs on the shirts or materials or means of production may change (ie. some shirts may be screen printed, others may use a discharge process.). If you have any questions about specific design please feel free to contact us.

Domestic orders are shipped via USPS & UPS. International orders are shipped via USPS only. Shipping and delivery for items may vary based on item availability, time order is placed and location of of final delivery. Please visit our Shipping & Delivery page learn about our shipping policies and delivery estimates. We try to ship out orders as soon as we can, but please remember that we are a small business run by the artist himself (and a few helping hands), so sometimes there will be delays. To check the status of your order please visit your User Account by login into corvink.com or refer to the automated order and shipment emails sent to you. 

If you email us, please allow a few days for one of our team members to get back to you about any questions, concerns or comments regarding your products. Your thoughts are important to us. If your questions pertain to an order, please include your order number found on your packing slip (or in the email sent to you informing you of shipment) to help our team be able to better assist you.

Does Corvink sell items from other artists?

Generally, no. Corvink is owned an operated by Denis Caron, the artist and creator. Most items sold here are of his original art and designs. However, some items that have been produced by other creators (known by him personally) are sold at corvink.com, conventions and other locations carry Corvink products. These items are usually collaborations that Denis had direct creative involvement in (which will be noted in the product description) or are being sold/fulfilled by Corvink with permission granted by the other creator(s).

Please do not contact us asking for us to sell your merchandise at our store.

What is Corvink's return and exchange policy?

We want you to be happy with all products purchased from corvink.com, if you're not happy with your purchase we aren't either! We shop online too. Plenty of things get damaged in the mail, especially when you buy them from sites like Amazon. It can be very frustrating. We get it. We do our best to insure our items are well packaged and won't arrive damaged, but life happens... postal workers happen. If you have any issues with your order please contact us immediately so we can assess the situation and work with you.

We are willing to refund your money or exchange items bought from corvink.com if you are not happy with them, with in reason. Please read our Returns & Exchanges policy for more information.

If you bought your item at a convention and are still at the convention, please come back to our booth immediately for returns and exchanges. In most cases, once the convention is over, all sales are final. Please still feel free to contact us about issues or concerns about your items after the convention is over. At the end of the day, we still want to do right by you. So if there's a major defect or issue you didn't notice at the con and we agree that we are at fault after accessing the situation, we are still open to returns and exchanges. However, if your kid split his purple drink all over your shirt on the way home, and the darn stain just won't come out... sorry, but that wasn't our fault. 

Do you accept orders placed outside of the US?

We sure do!

Shipping if you live Internationally:

Sent as USPS Int'l First Class 
(Average ship time 1 - 4 weeks)

International packages may be subject to additional fees for customs/duty charges. Please refer to our Shipping & Delivery page for more information on International Shipping.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Once shipped, most domestic orders arrive within 3-5 business days (depending on the efficiency of your local postal service and shipping method chosen at time of purchase). International shipping delivery times may vary drastically. Please refer to our Shipping & Delivery page for more information on shipping and delivery estimates.

How do I pay for my order? Is it secure?

How do you pay?

Cash? Get out of here! A credit card, duh! We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. You can also pay via PayPal and Amazon Pay. 

Is it secure?

We utilize a number of secure payment providers during check out to make your purchase is as smooth and safe as possible. Corvink.com is a certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliant website, supported by Shopify payments. That's fancy talk for security! You can also pay via PayPal and Amazon Pay, two of the most widely used and secure payment providers out there. 

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