Ghost Whisperer - Monsters & Dames - ECCC 2018 Con Exclusive - LTD 12x18 Print [Metallic Linen]

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Standing up against a rising hateful rhetoric, this badass, but beautiful, Middle Eastern woman boldly shows the world that she can be both strong and feminine. She is embellished in a number of meaningful accoutrements including a nazar (or evil eye), an eye-shaped amulet believed to protect against the evil, and a golden bracelet of the triple moon that represents new beginnings, new life, and rejuvenation. The presence of the ghosts that come to life as an extension of her hair, float around her like ghosts of our pasts. As hair grows from dead cells, and falls from our bodies, so do these spectres; a symbolic hope that we can tame them so we can leave them behind for new life and stronger future. America can step away from our demons and move forward together; no matter what race, gender, political or economical backgrounds we may have. She stands for this and much, much more.


  • All prints are printed on premium archival paper.
  • Polybagged w/ backing board (for protection and longevity of print until you frame it)
  • 12x18 prints shipped in flat packaging.