Plush Elements - Air, Earth, Fire, Water - Raven Stitch Plush Toy Set (1st Edition)

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"Air is kind, intellectual and social at its core. It's often thoughtful and gentle but it can be suddenly overtaken by a storm of emotion! Just keep it easy and things won?t get too breezy."

"Earth is known to be calm, practical, wise and patient; you can find piece if you spend time with it. So, chill out and remember there's nothing wrong with being down to earth."

"Fire burns hot with passion and enthusiasm, it can be brave, valiant and often rebellious. But, because of its nature, it can also be a bit snappy, uncontrollable and angry! #@&%!"

"Water is full of emotion and empathy. Though it can be a bit cold, moody, and sensitive at times, as long you show it a little love, it can be warm to the touch.Don’t be sad, lil’ water drop!"

- Made with super soft plush
- Filled with polyester fibers
- Measures roughly 8" x 5" (Full length, including legs: 12" x 5")
- Recommended for ages 3+
- Conjured by magic (not really)